If there’s anyone on your list who talks to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant as much as they talk to people, then getting them a high-tech gift (read: a smart device for their home) is just the way to maximize their preferred way to interface. The good news is, making someone’s home smarter is as easy as adding a $30 connected speaker-mic to their portfolio of domestic gadgets, or ensuring the TV you buy them is also compatible with one of the popular smart home ecosystems—like Apple Home Kit, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink. Even without one of these ecosystems, more and more home devices from doorbells and thermostats to TVs and coffee makers can be connected, controlled, and managed remotely by voice, apps, and more.



Cord-cutters today have a multitude of options to cancel their cable without fear of losing any programming. But not every domestic device has to be networked to make it smarter: Innovative doodads for cable management and home entertainment components that optimize video and sound can also raise a domicile’s IoT-Q. So whether it’s less clutter or more time on the couch, smart home gifts are bound to make their recipients happy. We’ve broken down a few choice items.

Source: MensJournal Fit