Thawing snow, rousing animals, and bluebird skies have a way of beckoning us outdoors. When the temperature finally warms up, nature stirs from hibernation—but it feels the same for us, too. Spring reinvigorates. It makes you want to move and explore. If you’ve been itching to pay a visit to one of the country’s national parks, but haven’t discerned where you want to go or which is best this time of year, we’ve got some insider info.

After all, a trip to the national parks shouldn’t be executed without some pre-planning. Some areas—Rocky Mountain National Park’s Trail Ridge Road or Going-to-the-Sun Road (one of Glacier National Park’s star attractions)—remain covered in snow through spring. Roads in Yellowstone close, and trails can be wet and muddy, too.

A well-thought-out visit to one of our nation’s wide-open lands will reward you with spectacular hikes, including an eruptions of flora and fauna; streams swollen with meltwater; and, in many places, resplendent peace and quiet.

Here’s where to head this spring, according to experts.

Source: MensJournal Fit